Ali's story

Ali undertook my 10 week life coaching programme. There were lots of lightbulb moments and shifts during the time we spent together. It was an honour and privilege to work with Ali. It was always there inside her, I just helped to guide her through.

"In the Moment

I asked Viv for support on reflecting on how my goals and priorities were panning out-this was both challenging and immensely rewarding. This allowed me to take time to remind myself of my strengths, values and what is important to me and my family. It was lovely to be present and remember to live in the moment. The techniques that Viv was able to share with me will be invaluable in my being more "mindful" in my approach to life. I look forward to developing my mindful practice with Viv in the future."


Sheila's story

After working with Sheila for only 10 minutes at a demo here's what she had to say:
"Thank you Viv, since I met you and you worked with me for only a few minutes I have not binged once!!" Sheila Glasgow
My teacher followed Sheila up at 20 days and she is still binge free!

Willies story

"I was a sceptic but thought I have nothing to lose so asked Viv to sort out my anxiety with driving. She hypnotised me for about 20 minutes and I didn't feel any different, apart from very relaxed but the next morning I drove 2 hours away to a place I had never driven to before and I was fine. Still don't know what she did, but it worked" Willie Argyll

Yvonne's story

Yvonne had a lifelong phobia of cats. She was largely able to control her home environment but it was getting so bad that she couldn't go on holiday without being stressed out that cats would appear and she would have a panic attack. Here's what she had to say:

"Prior to my session with Viv, I had to live with a lifelong phobia. I have had previous attempts of hypnosis which helped slightly. In the last few years it was getting worse.

I had one session with Viv during which I really felt or was aware of nothing other than being relaxed, but the results were amazing.

After the session Viv asked if I wanted to test the results! I didn't know she had 2 cats who were safely tucked away! Viv brought them into the room where I was sitting, one at a time. This was something I would never have been able to cope with before.

I feel whatever Viv did has made me much more relaxed in situations where I would previously have panicked. I feel now that cats don't bother me anymore. Amazing in one session!"

With Yvonne's permission we took pictures so that her family would believe her.

 Craig's story

"I asked Viv for some support in preparation for an upcoming interview. I was anxious about the interview and lacked confidence in my ability to ‘perform’ on the day. By listening to my concerns, my thoughts on the job as well as the interview process and teaching me some simple techniques to control my anxiety and reduce my stress Viv was able to remove my negative thinking and allow me to focus on the positives that ...I had been ignoring. By the end of my session with Viv I felt confident, capable and focused.

I got the job! Thanks Viv"


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